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Payment Solutions for Your 420 Business

Reduce your Risk & Cost while
Growing Revenue 

Get rid of your cash & payment headaches

Use our advanced Cloud & AI pin-based debit payment technology to streamline your high risk transactions

Cut your costs. Increase your revenue. Lower your business risk.

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Revenue Increase*

Increase your revenue as much as 25% or more

Tips Increase*

More personalized customer experience in the aisle

Cash Reduced*

Reduce risk and costs of processing cash payments

Pay Data Point Circles.png
Pay Data Point Circles.png



* Percentages are estimations and do not guarantee individual results

A Whole New Level of Ease & Convenience

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Customers use their debit card to pay just like at any retail store

  • Not a Reverse ATM

  • No Change Needed

We use advanced Cloud & AI technology to route transactions over approved debit card networks 

These debit card netoworks are not Visa networks, so no Visa rules are violated.

This is a real debit card solution used in over 100 stores like yours and sponsored by risk-friendly banks.

Our hand-held payment terminal enables a whole new level of payment convenience for in-store personalized service, delivery safety, and increased tips.

  • Grow revenue 25%*

  • Budtender tips increase 20%*

  • Eliminate cash in deliveries

  • Reduce cash 50%+*

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Lowered armored car fees

  • 80% approval rate*

* Percentages are estimations and do not guarantee individual results

  • Competitive pricing

  • Funds available within 24 hours

  • Service fee choices

  • Ready for credit card

  • Lower communication costs: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G/LTE options

  • A more personalized customer experience in the aisle, not at the counter

  • True debit

  • No application fee

  • No annual fees

  • No early termination

  • No reserve

  • Next day funding available

​Transactions are for exact dollar amounts

  • No cash handling

  • Mobile delivery terminals

  • Less delivery cash required

  • No confusion at checkout

  • Tipping Available

  • Tip % selected by customer

Connect with us today to learn more about Pay420.AI 

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